Cooking Rally

To each team will be given an IPAD containing a series of challenges and cultural questions which participants should respond in the best way to reach the final destination.

During this activity the participants will go through the streets of downtown and historic neighbourhoods.

One of the proposed challenges is to visit traditional grocery stores where they have to buy some of the necessary ingredients to make the famous Portuguese “Pasteis de Bacalhau” (cod fish cakes). The ingredients will be exchanged by personalized (with company logo or group name) bills.

The last stop will be at the restaurant, where the Chef will be waiting for them to help and teach them on how to prepare the traditional “pasteis de bacalhau” using the ingredients that each team bought (Cod fish, onions, eggs, potatoes, etc.) in the grocery stores.

In the end there’s nothing better than taste the magnificent Pasteis de Bacalhau with a glass of Portuguese Wine.


How does the IPADS Work? To each team (with 6 to 10 persons) is delivered an IPAD where different routes (one per each team) are programmed in a GPS Application. The IPADS are an important tool that allows the participants to read small texts, see images, hear sounds, play games and even take pictures in order to complete the proposed challenges. Once the routes are programmed in a GPS application only when the GPS verifies that the team is the exact location requested will the team be able to activate the question, or begin the challenge.

Important: Each route is built differently and has its own layout, according the concept. 



Participants: Min. 12 pax  |  Max. 200 pax

Duration: 3h

Languages: Staff speaks English, Spanish, German, Italian and French

Includes: 1 IPAD per team, Codfish cakes cooking lesson, Glass of wine, 1 CD with all pictures taken and insurance

Extras: Possibility to include lunch or dinner after activity


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